Plant protection

Plant protection is a branch of agriculture that deals with the prevention of loses caused by crop diseases, pests and weeds. Difficulties in selecting a number of measures and numerous registered plant protection products and their professional application require specialist knowledge.

Almost all plant protection products are classified into groups of poison and their use is associated with risks for beneficial and other organisms as well as for the environment. Relying primarily on chemicals to fight pests has certain disadvantages alongside all benefits. Modern plant protection solves existing problems by integrating all available knowledge, including preventive, administrative, mechanical, chemical, biological and other measures against pests which will reduce the losses and cause the lowest possible damage to the environment. The company INSTRUVET d.o.o. offers all plant protection products registered in the Republic of Croatia.


  • Insects (insecticides),
  • Rodents (rodenticides),
  • Weeds (herbicides),
  • Fungi (fungicides),
  • Mites and spiders (acaricides) and
  • Molluscs (limacides or molluscicides).

Our partners

Veterinary medication

Our offer includes all veterinary medication registered for use on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, some of them include vaccines, antibiotics, injections, anesthetics, inhibitors, antiparasitics, vitamins, suspensions

Veterinary instruments

Our offer includes a wide pallet of veterinary instruments, we would like to highlight the following: catheters, microscopes, needles, syringes, sterilizations, trichinoscops, electromagnetic mixers, surgical scissors, knives, scalpels

Plant protection

Plant protection: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, acaricides, limacides… We distribute complete programs of companies Genera, Chromos, Agro, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, Basf, AgroChem and other…

Pet equipment

We offer complete equipment for all pets: dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, hamsters… Highlights: collars, leashes, cords, muzzles, chains, bowls, crates, shampoos, anti-tick and anti-flea products, toys…

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