Stop programme

“Stop” is a trademark of the company Instruvet including products which gained popularity in recent years whether in daily use both in the household and in professional use by registered companies for disinfection, pest and rodent control), agricultural producers and others.


The packaging contains 10 yellow plates with hooks.

This is a professional product for mechanical destruction and monitoring of pests in orchards, plant nurseries, gardens, vineyards, greenhouses and yards. Stop plates are non-toxic and odorless which makes them an ideal tool for use in organic farming.

They are successfully used in treating: the olive fruit fly, olive moth, whitefly, fruit fly, fruit wasps, phids, thrips, lice, greenhouse mites and other pests


The packaging contains 2 adhesive plates.

Stop – adhesive plates for mice are an effective tool for capturing and control of rodents and can be used in private and professional purposes. Their simple application allows you to quickly set the plate on the desired location.

Just remove the protective film and place it in areas where rodents move. Each plate also has perforations which allow quick and easy transformation of the plate into an adhesive tunnel in which rodent love to rally.


This is a rodent control product for preparation of traps for mice and other small rodents. The packaging contains 135 grams.

It is a rodent control glue used to catch harmful insects and rodents. The rodent control glue is applied to a surface (wood, paper or cardboard) and placed near areas where pests move. For better effect place a bait in the middle of the surface (a piece of food).


Extra strong, high quality and long lasting mousetrap for mice, rats and other pests.


The packaging contains 4 flytraps.

An easy way to get rid of annoying flies and other insects in one move!


The packaging contains 4 flytraps.

The packaging contains 5 adhesive cockroach traps with bait.

STOP – COCKROACH TRAP is primarily designed for controlling cockroaches but it proved to be successful in catching other crawling insects as well. Each trap contains a bait and thus enables easier and faster catching of unwanted insects. Each trap also has perforations which allow for quick and easy transformation of traps into tunnels in which insects love to rally.


A professional rodent control box made of hard plastic with two security key.


Universal insecticide spray with a refreshing tangerine scent which found its use in households and professional pest control due to its formulation. It works momentarily on all flying and crawling insects leaving a pleasant tangerine scent behind.

Veterinary medication

Our offer includes all veterinary medication registered for use on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, some of them include vaccines, antibiotics, injections, anesthetics, inhibitors, antiparasitics, vitamins, suspensions

Veterinary instruments

Our offer includes a wide pallet of veterinary instruments, we would like to highlight the following: catheters, microscopes, needles, syringes, sterilizations, trichinoscops, electromagnetic mixers, surgical scissors, knives, scalpels

Plant protection

Plant protection: insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, acaricides, limacides… We distribute complete programs of companies Genera, Chromos, Agro, Bayer CropScience, Syngenta, Basf, AgroChem and other…

Pet equipment

We offer complete equipment for all pets: dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, hamsters… Highlights: collars, leashes, cords, muzzles, chains, bowls, crates, shampoos, anti-tick and anti-flea products, toys…

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